Unusual Arctic Blast Strands Women’s College Basketball Team in Fargo

The team is using the time to form a deeper bond with one another.

FARGO, ND – Cancelled. It’s the word no traveler wants to see on the departure board.

For the Northern Illinois Huskies, it’s the word that’s keeping them from returning home, and here in Fargo for just a little bit longer.

“This is the second worst experience I’ve had, but I love these girls so it makes it a lot better.” said Myia Starks, a senior Point Guard for the NIU Huskies.

The Huskies came to Fargo hopeful to win against the NDSU Bison, but despite a stunning overtime victory, the celebration was short–lived due to the terrible weather in Chicago.

“We wish we could be home celebrating this win, but we have to do what we have to do.” said Ajah Davis, a freshman Forward for the Huskies.

It’s not all doom and gloom however, some of the seniors on the team are looking at the cancellations as a blessing in disguise, and the coaching staff says Fargo has been one of their best road trips ever.

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! We’re with our team so it’s actually fun. It’s a good bonding experience.” said Abby Woollacott, a senior forward for the team.

“I definitely think that just us being around each other more helps. We definitely learn more about each other.” said Myia Starks.

The bonding experience started last night after a 6 PM cancellation and included choreographing a dance video for TikTok, the viral video app, and helping each other with homework.

Ajah Davis and Abby Woollacott are using the extended trip as a way to teach, learn and get to know one another.

“It was kind of cool because she’s a freshman, I’m a senior, and it’s our first trip together, and her first road trip ever in college. So, we’ve been definitely bonding. I’ve been kind of showing her everything we do on the road.”

For the Huskies, a bonding experience this valuable can’t be replicated.

“It’s awesome! There is no substitute for seeing them grow as people together and enjoy this experience. The unpredictability of this has had them have to lean on each other and rely on each other.” said Adam Tandez, the Assistant Coach for the team.

“It totally transfers to on the court. Just having extra time together makes us closer on the court.” said Abby Woollacott.

The team is hoping that cancelled doesn’t appear on that departure screen again, but even if it does, they plan to cherish all of this extra time spent with each other.

The group is now on a bus to Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where a Northern Illinois University bus will take them the rest of the way home.

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