Some Weddings Cancelled Over Coronavirus Concerns

The CDC is recommending all events of 50 or more people be cancelled or held virtually

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Planning a wedding in and of itself is plenty stressful. But those who have been planning for their big day for months couldn’t have predicted it’d get cancelled last minute because of coronavirus concerns. Brianna Volk with Moorhead’s Courtyard by Marriott says, “It’s stressful, it’s sad, it’s just devastating, and to contact all of your friends and…

Hundreds Of Flights Canceled Out Of Denver

That is having a ripple–effect on airports across this country this Thanksgiving week.

FARGO, N.D.- Hector International Airport in Fargo reports some cancellations and delays throughout the day. If you are flying, make sure you’re communicating with either your travel agent or the airline to get notice of any flight delays or cancellations. During this time, airlines also work alongside customers to change flights and avoid the storm without any kind of change fees….

Unusual Arctic Blast Strands Women’s College Basketball Team in Fargo

The team is using the time to form a deeper bond with one another.

FARGO, ND – Cancelled. It’s the word no traveler wants to see on the departure board. For the Northern Illinois Huskies, it’s the word that’s keeping them from returning home, and here in Fargo for just a little bit longer. “This is the second worst experience I’ve had, but I love these girls so it makes it a lot better.”…

Canceled Flights Leave Passengers Frustrated at Hector International Airport

Airport officials say the wind is mostly what's affecting flights

FARGO, N.D. — The storm means a lot of headaches for travelers at Hector International Airport. Airport officials say wind speeds are what’s affecting a lot of the flight cancellations both into and out of Hector. Airlines make their cancellation decisions based on winds, visibility, and road conditions. If wind gusts are over 40 knots, planes can’t be deiced. You should…