Canceled Flights Leave Passengers Frustrated at Hector International Airport

Airport officials say the wind is mostly what's affecting flights

FARGO, N.D. — The storm means a lot of headaches for travelers at Hector International Airport.

Airport officials say wind speeds are what’s affecting a lot of the flight cancellations both into and out of Hector.

Airlines make their cancellation decisions based on winds, visibility, and road conditions. If wind gusts are over 40 knots, planes can’t be deiced.

You should keep checking with your airline to stay up–to–date on flight statuses.

Flights statuses at the airport only show six hours into the future, so some flights later on may still take off.

If your flight has been canceled, airlines will typically accommodate you on the next available flight where they have seats.

“Our crews are here, runways open, we’re accommodating general aviation, corporate aviation, and cargo without a beat. Everything’s been operating on that side. It’s just the passenger side that’s impacted,” Shawn Dobberstein, executive director of the airport, said.

Cancellations have left passengers feeling frustrated.

“I drove from Aberdeen yesterday to get here before the storm hit. I talked with a few gate agents trying to get on a flight Wednesday, because I knew they wouldn’t be canceled, thinking Thursday’s flights would most likely be canceled and couldn’t do that, so stayed overnight in a hotel, and now my flight for today is canceled so I’m having to leave Friday morning first thing. I won’t get into New Orleans til a half day later,” Livia Mahaffie said.

“We came ahead of the storm, thinking we could get on yesterday, but they said because there wasn’t any waivers, we could not get on any of those flights the night before the big storm hit,  and everything was open earlier but everything got canceled today and now I see some of them are open and it’s just been pretty challenging,” Rae French said.

You can also check flight status out of Grand Forks International Airport on their website.

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