Rep. Collin Peterson: Asylum Issue “Out of Control”

Peterson says we need to find out who is financing the caravans

FARGO, ND —┬áCongressman Collin Peterson says the asylum issue involving refugees on the U.S.-Mexico border is growing out of control. During an interview on KFGO’s “News & Views,” the Minnesota Democrat called for a closer examination of a growing number of refugees traveling in caravans heading to the southern border. Peterson says we need to find out who is financing…

Friends of the Kirkbride Rally to Keep the Campus Standing

Supporters were voicing their concerns about the history and opportunities that will be lost if parts, or all of the campus are destroyed

FERGUS FALLS, Minn. — Over the last decade, there has been a debate on whether to preserve or demolish the Fergus Falls State Hospital Complex and now people are rallying to keep the campus intact. Friends of the Kirkbride are rallying by informing supporters on the work they feel needs to be done to keep the asylum alive. At the…