Astronaut From Fargo Selected For The Astronaut Hall of Fame

Jim Buchli was a member of four space flights.

Veteran astronaut Jim Buchli of Fargo has been selected for induction into the Astronaut Hall of Fame. Buchli was a member of four space flights. He has orbited the earth 319 times. He retired from the U.S. Marine Corps and the NASA Astronaut Office in 1992. He currently works with the Boeing Defense and Space Group in Houston. Janet Kavandi…

Introducing the Stratolaunch: World’s Largest Plane

The plane is beginning fueling tests and the goal is to have Stratolaunch in the air by 2019

  NATIONAL — Air Force One is as tall as a six story building with a conference room, dining room and even a working hospital, but it’s got nothing on the new Stratolaunch. The Stratolaunch is the world’s largest airplane, with a 385 foot wingspan that uses 28 wheels and six engines used on a Boeing 747. It may stand…