Bull Snake

LIVE: Don’t Banish Snakes on St. Patrick’s Day

Jesse the bull snake joins the KVRR morning show

    Red River Zoo Volunteer Coordinator Alyssa Cahoon and Executive Director Sally Jacobson bring Jesse the bull snake for a visit to KVRR’s morning show. We’re nearing St. Patrick’s Day, and St. Patrick is rumored to have banished the snakes from Ireland. But we tell you what benefits snakes have in our local ecosystem and tell you how to…

LIVE: The Positive Side Of Snakes With The Red River Zoo

St. Patrick Allegedly Banished Snakes From Ireland. Was That The Best Idea?

One of the legends about St. Peter is that he banished snakes from Ireland. Well, he didn’t banish them from Fargo. Jennifer Jacobson with the Red River Zoo joins us with the lovely Bull Snake, Jessie. She tells us why people shouldn’t be afraid of snakes, and talks about the uses they have in nature and for farmers. Watch to…