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The Boiler Room owner whiplashed over ND Covid-19 regulations

Says the constant change in guidelines are hard to keep up with

FARGO, N.D.  – The owner of The Boiler Room took to Facebook to share his frustration of new Covid-19 rules in North Dakota. Dan Hurder’s post on social media late last week poked fun at the ever changing capacity rules being set by the city and the state. Hurder says he’s been following the strict guidelines since the pandemic began, but…

Want To Shop Early on Sundays? The Vote May Soon Be in Your Hands

A Fargo man is working toward putting the blue law on the ballot

NORTH DAKOTA — Lawmakers denied the possibility of retail stores opening before noon on Sundays, but a local business owner isn’t giving up. A Fargo man said he is hoping to put a similar measure on an upcoming ballot. “Now that the bill is dead, we hope to put this exact issue to the voters,” said Brandon Medenwald, with North…