Cajun Cafe

Cajun Cafe closes after 20 years

The Cajun Cafe is one of two businesses who've announced their closures this week.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — The Cajun Cafe is yet another local business who’s announced it will be closing its doors after struggles amid the pandemic “It was a very difficult year and it definitely knocked us back like it did everybody. We lost a lot of money during that,” Cajun Cafe owner Gary Gilbertson said. With Twist in Downtown Fargo…

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The Cajun Cafe Shows Us How to Make Some Cajun Classics

Gary Gilbertson,¬†owner of Cajun Cafe,¬†shows KVRR’s Jackie Kelly how to make gumbo and a po’boy. Gilbertson also explains what other Cajun foods are enjoyed on Mardi Gras. Categories: Morning – In The Community Tags: Cajun Cafe, FAT TUESDAY, MARDI GRAS