Two-Day-Old Calf Saved From Flood Waters, Reunited With Mother

It was safely returned to its mother

GRAND FORKS COUNTY, N.D. —┬áIn the nearly 30 years a sergeant has been with the Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office, he says he’s never seen a cow need rescuing. But that all changed yesterday as we first showed you last night. The Water Operations Team was called to save a two-day-old calf after it was stranded on a section of…

Red River Zoo Announces New Addition; Needs Your Help for a Name!

A baby camel was born two weeks ago and is now on exhibit at the zoo

FARGO, N.D. — The Red River Zoo has its first adorable addition of the year, just in time for the summer season. A female Bactrian camel calf was born two weeks ago and is now on exhibit. Bactrian camels are a part of an active breeding program. The species is critically endangered due to hunting and loss of habitat. The…