Cass County Jail

F5 Project Helps Felons Readjust To Society

Project Helps Inmates Rebuild Their lives On The Outside

FARGO, ND — A Fargo man wants to show that former criminals aren’t castoffs. He’s dedicated to showing the value, determination, and hustle of felons while helping them rebuild their own lives right here in our region. His efforts are getting noticed more and more, and more and more people are claiming he’s helping to save their lives. It’s Wednesday…

Fargo Woman Set to Be Released After 400 Days in Jail

Tricia Taylor serves more than 400 days on a contempt of court charge

FARGO, ND — A Fargo woman is set to be released from Cass County Jail after serving more than 400 days on a contempt of court charge. Thirty-five-year-old Tricia Taylor’s contempt conviction was reversed on appeal to the North Dakota Supreme Court. She was held after she failed to turn over her children to their father, who was granted custody….

Man Charged With Terrorizing With A Gun

Fargo police responded to the report of a man waving a gun at another person at 402 23rd Street South around 8 p.m. but found the suspect had left.

FARGO (KFGO) – A man with no permanent address is in the Cass County jail, arrested Tuesday night on a terrorizing charge. Fargo police responded to the report of a man waving a gun at another person at 402 23rd Street South around 8 p.m. but found the suspect had left. 26-year old William Mayville was later found at another residence…

Opioid Outreach: The Battle To Reach Those Battling Addiction

How do you reach people before it's too late?

  The opioid epidemic in the valley is taking lives. Addicts are risking death every time they use. How do you reach people before it’s too late? What does it take to put an end to the scourge? Those are the questions being grappled with across the region. Here are some of the answers the community has found so far….

Man Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Car, Fleeing Police, Taking Cab to Fargo Hotel

They say they found his car abandoned in a nearby parking lot and brought in K9 units to help track him down

  FARGO, ND — One man is in custody after police say he led authorities on a 90-mile-per hour chase, jumped into a cab and hid out in local hotel. Nils Njus, 52, is facing multiple drug and traffic and charges, including driving a stolen vehicle and felony fleeing. Police say they attempted to pull Njus over on I-94 before he…

Traffic Stop Leads to Five Arrests Near Casselton

All of the suspects were taken to the Cass County Jail

1/6 Show Caption Hide Caption 2/6 Alberto Carpentier, 25 Show Caption Hide Caption 3/6 Bryan Grob, 39 Show Caption Hide Caption 4/6 Cory Fleischfresser, 30 Show Caption Hide Caption 5/6 Odessa Rodriguez, 26 Show Caption Hide Caption 6/6 Timothy Bjornson, 24 Show Caption Hide Caption CASSELTON, ND — Five people are in custody with multiple charges after a traffic stop…

Cass County Deputy Arrests Man on I-29 Allegedly Going 110 MPH

There were three adult passengers in the vehicle at the time

FARGO, ND — A man is arrested for a DUI after a deputy clocks him driving 110 miles per hour. A Cass County Sheriff’s Deputy pulled over 22-year-old Carter Schulke last night about 8:30 on I-29 in the area of Main Avenue in Fargo. Schulke was arrested for under the influence of alcohol and misdemeanor level reckless endangerment. There were…

Arrest Made in West Fargo Liquor Store Robbery

West Fargo Police arrest a man for robbing Bernie's Wines and Liquors

Police responded to a robbery in West Fargo during broad daylight. It happened around 2:45 this afternoon at Bernie’s Wines and Liquors on Sheyenne Street. 37-year-old Christopher Burns entered the store and demanded a free bottle. After he was told no, he demanded money instead. An unknown amount of money was handed over. He fled the store and got into…