Flying Farmer says he’s not done after “a bad ride”

My wife said she will leave me if I do it again but she won’t leave me.”

MAKOTI, NORTH DAKOTA, (KFGO) – John Smith, known as North Dakota’s Flying Farmer for his aerial car jumps, is recovering after what he calls “a bad ride.” Two weeks ago, the Makoti, North Dakota man was seriously injured when his car went off a ramp while he attempted a distance jump of 200 feet in a challenge with his son….

North Dakota’s Flying Farmer crashes on jump

Flying Farmer crash 9/25/2021MAKOTI, N.D. – The first car jumping attempt in five years by North Dakota’s version of Evel Knievel ended in disaster when the car driven my the man known as the Flying Farmer corkscrewed off the ramp and rolled. Authorities say 57-year-old John Smith was alert after the crash Saturday at a rural gravel pit and that…