Franklin Ugochukwu

Black visionary work displayed At West Acres Mall

A local visual artist is given the opportunity to put his work on display at West Acres Mall during an artist residency.

FARGO, ND (KVRR) — Franklin Ugochukwu is a Nigerian visual artist who uses his skills and imagination to share his voice and the stories of people through a single portrait. “The underlying message of my art and my work is love,” he said. Franklin says that it has been a heartwarming experience being able to connect with the public through…

Second Annual Juneteenth Event Held At NDSU Renaissance Hall

"Juneteenth means to me, equity, liberation, abolition, family, food, sovereignty, and justice in every way that we can imagine."

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — People are getting out and about on this day to celebrate the new federal holiday. “We got love. We got people here and I think the biggest thing is we have unification. When you think of the Swahili word, Umoja it means to unify. To be a unified front and that’s what we need here in…