greenhouse gas emissions

Biden orders emissions analysis from federal oil and gas leases

Order affects federal oil & gas leases in North Dakota, South Dakota, and 8 other states

BILLINGS, Mont.  – The Biden administration said Friday that industry regulators for the first time will begin analyzing greenhouse gas emissions from federal oil and gas leases on a national scale, as they prepare to hold lease sales in numerous Western states next year. The announcement from the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management came as officials released a report…

UND unveils new steam plant that promises to be more eco-friendly

The plant has been operating since July 1st.

GRAND FORKS, N.D.- University of North Dakota reveals a new natural gas-powered plant created to better energy efficiency on campus and provide a better experience for students. The steam plant is a partnership between UND and Johnson Controls. It includes up to date technology expected to deliver over 1 million per year in energy savings. Annually, the steam plant will…