High Plains Fair Housing Center

High Plains Fair Housing Center Gives Webinar On Housing Discrimination

The Center says it say saw a 36 percent increase in fair housing intakes last year.

NORTH DAKOTA – Access to housing still remains unequal across the country. “Housing discrimination is blocking someone’s access to housing, treating one renter or buyer differently from another, or denying someone the right to buy or rent a home, even though they can afford the property, all because that person is member of a group the law protects,” says Angela…

Organizations Help People With Disabilities With Housing Rights

They are trying to inform them of their rights under The Fair Housing Act.

FARGO, N.D. – An event is trying to help people with disabilities know their rights. In North Dakota, one of the biggest problems is discrimination against people with disabilities We’re here at the Fargo Public library where two organizations are trying to advise people with disabilities to know their rights under the fair housing act. That’s when organizations like the…