Prosecutors Say Former Wells County Sheriff is a Danger to Others

He's scheduled to be back in court in September

WELLS COUNTY, ND — A judge is allowing the former sheriff of Wells County to travel to South Dakota and Montana, if it’s work-related. The ruling was made during a bond hearing for Johnny Lawson who is charged with conspiracy to deliver drugs, bribery and other counts. Wells County State’s Attorney Kathleen Murray opposed the motion, saying Lawson was a…

Gov. Burgum Signs “Andrew’s Law”

The bill clarifies the rights of people offered the role as a confidential drug informant

  BISMARCK, N.D. — Gov. Burgum has signed “Andrew’s Law” to establish protections for confidential drug informants. The action comes more than three years after 20-year-old college student Andrew Sadek was found dead in a river with a bullet in his head and a backpack of rocks tied to his body. His parents lobbied lawmakers to pass legislation so that…