Kyle Anderson

North Dakota Tennis To Usher In New Era Next Year

UND Tennis head coach Tom Wynne will retire after next season marking 30 years at the helm

GRAND FORKS, ND – 29 years: that’s how long Tom Wynne has been at the helm of the U.N.D. tennis program. “I grew up in grand forks for the most part so my dad worked at the university and I got started playing tennis late so I actually ended up playing tennis at the university of North Dakota,” Wynne said….

Barnesville Couple’s Foster Care License Suspended after Child Death

The suspension went into effect on April 25.

BARNESVILLE, N.D.–A Barnesville couple’s foster care license has been suspended after a child in their care was hospitalized with serious injuries and later died. Kyle and Kellie Anderson provided child foster care at 1001 9th Street Southeast in Barnesville. On April 23, Kellie Anderson was taken into custody by the Clay County Sheriff’s Office after one of her foster children…