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Colleges commemorate Martin Luther King Jr day with virtual lectures

NDSU and Concordia College help shine light on racial injustices within the community

FARGO, N.D.-MOORHEAD – In light of Martin Luther King Jr day, College campuses throughout the metro are using the holiday to bring awareness to racial injustices throughout the community. Many of the textbooks that educated us do not touch on Martin Luther King Jr’s pursuit later in his life to bring attention to the atrocities faced by all marginalized groups…

Remembering Native American lives lost at Wounded Knee massacre

The Wounded Knee tragedy occurred 130 years ago, killing close to 300 Lakota tribe members

WOUNDED KNEE CREEK, S.D. — Tuesday marks the 130th year since the Wounded Knee massacre. “At the time there was a movement with the ghost dance that was occurring sort of this evangelical effort by Native Americans that were praying for sort of relief from all that was happening,” Plains Art Museum Director of Native American Programs Joe Williams said….

Crazy Horse’s Family Shares His Story More Than A Century Later

They came out with the book "Crazy Horse: Lakota Warrior and Legacy"

FARGO, N.D. — Crazy Horse is a Native American war leader who fought against the U.S. government in 1877 to protect the Lakota people’s land. More than a century later, Crazy Horse’s family is sharing their story with the Fargo community. Being a storyteller means that somebody has entrusted you to write their most personal experiences with not only truth, but…