Matt Crane

A New Normal But Same Expectation For Kindred Football

COVID-19 has created a new normal in youth sports but that isn't stopping Kindred from setting the same sights

KINDRED, ND – The helmets and pads are on at kindred high, as practice is underway for Matt Crane’s team, coming off a (6-3) season last year that ended in a playoff loss. “A lot of success on the field,” head coach Matt Crane says. “Very happy with the level of play we had all year long. Disappointing finish in…

HS Football Season Preview: Kindred Vikings

Kindred fell short to Bismarck St. Mary's in the Class AA State Championship in 2016

KINDRED, N.D. — They’re animated. They’re uplifting, but if you ask any one of them, Kindred football is much more than that. “As a team, every time afterwards we breakdown as just the players and our word is always ‘family,’”said Michael Hall, the Quarterback for the Vikings. “We want to be as close together and we want to be brothers…