A New Normal But Same Expectation For Kindred Football

COVID-19 has created a new normal in youth sports but that isn't stopping Kindred from setting the same sights

KINDRED, ND – The helmets and pads are on at kindred high, as practice is underway for Matt Crane’s team, coming off a (6-3) season last year that ended in a playoff loss.

“A lot of success on the field,” head coach Matt Crane says. “Very happy with the level of play we had all year long. Disappointing finish in the playoffs but we had a great group and had some kids who came together and played some good football.”

“We’re really thankful that we’re one of a few states that can play,” senior Ethan Mckenny says. “It’ has been a long spring and summer grind but we’re happy we’re here now.”

A lot of uncertainty in the F.M. area for the fall 2020 season. We already know Minnesota isn’t playing their Football season until the spring. North Dakota is, and that includes the class B. Kindred Vikings, who may be conducting practices and playing games a little bit differently, but the expectations are still the same.

“We take it a week at a time and we’re going to line up on our first game and expect to play at a high level and win,” Crane says.

“We’re going to be very young,” senior Eli Heinrich says. “I think we’re going to be very underrated but we’ll improve a lot throughout the season with younger guys playing. We’ll look forward to it. I’m expected to not be lower in the ranks but I think we’re going to surprise a lot of people this year.”

With the unideal circumstances, there’s a greater appreciation for this season than most.

“Every day is a gift,” Crane says. “We don’t know what tomorrow looks like so we’ve got to go out there and do everything we can every day to make sure that we can continue to play and two, enjoy it.” “Just very excited and just hope it keeps going. Hope we don’t get it canceled early,” Heinrich says.

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