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Therapist shares advice on how to talk to your children after a school shooting

After Tuesday's tragedy in Texas, parents wonder how they should talk about the subject with their children.

FARGO (KVRR) – Flashing lights from emergency vehicles and people panicking. It’s hard to watch this kind of tragedy unfold. “This is not a daily occurrence in every school, this is a scary thing and it obviously requires a lot of attention,” says Integrative Health Therapist Megan Week. She says if kids are scared to go back to school, they…

Health experts suggest focus on routine, sleep after springing forward

Daylight Saving Time is an adjustment and experts recommend you focus on your sleep hygiene

MOORHEAD, MINN. (KVRR) – Daylight Saving Time is in full swing and it’s still an adjustment for many. Experts suggest sticking to your normal routine while sleeping slightly earlier than your usual time in the first week. As the sun sticks around for a little longer each day with warmer temperatures included, the mood around town is starting to feel…