Ninja Warriors In Fargo Put Their Endurance To The Test

Athletes have to finish the course in a designated amount of time

FARGO, N.D.- Four Star Ninja Academy hosted The Federation of International Ninja Athletics. “So, today we’re doing the endurance course. The endurance covers twelve different obstacles. Eight of them are going to be upper body, or in the air ,” says Dustin Hjelmstad, the co-owner, Four Star Ninja Academy. The academy opened July of last year. It was  a way…

Minnesota Farmers Racing Against the Clock to Finish Harvest

The DNR says currently, the weather trend is now towards heavier rains

  MINNESOTA — A rainy fall season has put up some obstacles for farmers in Minnesota who are trying to get their crops in. Farmers across the state say they are worried about the wet weather and are pushing to finish the harvest season with the countdown to winter fast approaching. Harvesting crops while the fields are wet can compact…

The Perfect Cure for Cabin Fever? An Arena Filled with Bouncy Houses

Bouncin' Bash was set up at the Veterans Memorial Arena For A Weekend of Fun

WEST FARGO, N.D. — More than 100 kids, teens and adults spent the afternoon in bouncy houses and obstacle courses. The cause which organizers were trying to support was simple — getting kids to have fun. Veterans Memorial Arena was filled with more than 20 inflatable obstacle courses for a day filled with fun. They also had ‘Kiddie Land,’ a…