Minnesota Commerce Department Warns Against Nationwide Robocall Scheme

The Commerce Department says phone scammers often use fear tactics to extract money and personal information from victims.

St. Paul, MN–The Minnesota Department of Commerce urges consumers to take precautions against potential robocall scams. The Commerce Department says advances in technology allow scammers to utilize auto-dialers to reach thousands of phones every minutes for a low cost, causing a nation-wide influx of robocalls. Last year, the star tribune reported that Minnesotans receive an average of eight “machine-made” calls…

Scammers Targeting Cass County Electric Customers

Some customers are also reporting fake representatives showing up at their door

FARGO, N.D. — Cass County Electric Cooperative officials want to warn their customers of a recent string of phone scams. The scammers allegedly call customers and threaten to disconnect their service if immediate payment isn’t made. Officials said if you get these calls, hang up, and let your service providers know. Legitimate providers will usually ask for payments by mail…