Scammers Targeting Cass County Electric Customers

Some customers are also reporting fake representatives showing up at their door

FARGO, N.D. — Cass County Electric Cooperative officials want to warn their customers of a recent string of phone scams.

The scammers allegedly call customers and threaten to disconnect their service if immediate payment isn’t made.

Officials said if you get these calls, hang up, and let your service providers know.

Legitimate providers will usually ask for payments by mail and will give plenty of warning before payments are due.

“We will not call and request an immediate payment and we would definitely not call and suggest that you get a prepaid Visa card or we’ll disconnect you,” explained Paul Matthys, Vice President of Cass County Electric.

Matthys says some customers report fake representatives showing up at their door.

He says if this happens to you, call the police.

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