Want an Adult-Sized Big Mac Onesie? McDonald’s to Give Them Away July 26th

On Wednesday, July 26th, customers who use McDelivery through Uber-Eats will snag the merchandise for free

NATIONAL — If you’ve ever wanted an adult-sized onesie with a Big Mac on it, your dreams have come true. McDonald’s has unveiled its new McDelivery Collection, which they describe as a selection of fashion-forward items you can wear. Wear a French-fry themed sweatsuit to the gym or dream of your next McChicken while resting your head on a hamburger…

Students at Hawley Elementary School Prepared for Emergencies

Project Pillowcase visited Hawley Elementary to help get kids ready for a disaster

HAWLEY, Minn. — Students at Hawley Elementary School learned about the importance of fire safety. The Red Cross stopped by to present the Pillowcase Project promoting being prepared for disasters. The students decorated their own pillowcases which will be filled with items essential for survival in case of fire or other disasters. For the Red Cross, the project is the…