Students at Hawley Elementary School Prepared for Emergencies

Project Pillowcase visited Hawley Elementary to help get kids ready for a disaster

HAWLEY, Minn. — Students at Hawley Elementary School learned about the importance of fire safety.

The Red Cross stopped by to present the Pillowcase Project promoting being prepared for disasters.

The students decorated their own pillowcases which will be filled with items essential for survival in case of fire or other disasters.

For the Red Cross, the project is the first step in keeping kids safe in an emergency.

“We want to make sure that what’s going to happen and where they need to go and who they need to contact,” said Jessica Kulzer, Red Cross Disaster Program Manager.  “And we know that sometimes that the kids are sometimes the smartest ones in the family, so they’re going to educate their parents then and hopefully then it just becomes a domino effect so that everyone learns in the family.”

Over 200 students took part in Project Pillowcase.  For more information about the project and to be more ready for a disaster, click here.

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