Property Taxes

Bismarck Approves $233M City Budget; Property Taxes to Rise

City Administrator Keith Henke says the 2020 budget is a 22% increase from last year.

BISMARCK, N.D.–The Bismarck City Commission has approved a $233 million budget for 2020 that will raise property taxes to help fund seven new city positions and give workers a 3.5% raise. The vote was 3-2 on Tuesday. City Administrator Keith Henke says the 2020 budget is a 22% increase from last year, largely due to a sales tax increase that…

Fargo Special Assessments Task Force Asks for Homeowners to Voice Concerns

they changed the cost share from 50-50 to 70-30 so property owners are paying less

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo homeowners have two opportunities this week to let the city know what they think about special assessment processes and funding strategies. The city’s Special Assessments Taskforce was founded last August to review and change the policy that hadn’t been changed since 2003. They are presenting the ideas they have come up with that will help reduce…

Get Ready To Pay More In Property Taxes In Both Fargo And Moorhead

Property Tax Increases Are Expected To Be Between 3% and 6%

FARGO, N.D. — People living in Fargo and Moorhead will be paying more in property taxes in 2019. Fargo city commissioners last night approved the 2019 budget. There’s a 1.9 percent increase in the general fund for a total of $98.5 million. There is no cut in the property tax rate, which will remain at 51 mills. Property tax collections will…

West Fargo Schools $106.9 Million Bond Referendum to Raise Property Taxes

It'll cost homeowners $15.79 for every $100,000 of home value

WEST FARGO, N.D. — More than 500 seniors just graduated from West Fargo Public Schools, but that doesn’t even come close to more than 900 students in the district’s kindergarten classes. “It’s relentless growth. The district is projected to grow 400–500 a year. That has happened for the past several years,” said David Flowers, superintendent of West Fargo Public Schools….

Discussing property tax valuations at Fargo City Hall

FARGO, ND – Fargo homeowners and businesses were able to discuss their property tax valuation at the Fargo City Board of Equalization’s annual meeting Tuesday. North Dakota uses market value to assess property value. People using that information for tax purposes who feel their property’s value is unfair could explain why. “We’re trying to maintain a business. I want to stay…

Minnesota School Districts Hopeful with New Tax Credit

The community has voiced its concern about the burden property taxes can play on agricultural land when it comes to school building bonds

GLYNDON, Minn. — In the last ten years, property taxes for Minnesota farmers have increased by 114%. “About 60% of our total net value of a school district is in ag land,” said Bryan Thygeson, the Superintendent of the Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton school district. A new bill is now taking some of that load off their shoulders and giving school districts an…

Proposed Bill in Minnesota Could Help Farmers’ Property Taxes

In a panel discussion held Friday Minnesota representatives met with local farmers to hear concerns and go over a proposed property tax credit

Minnesota farmers have been dealing with rising property taxes over the past ten years. Now, a proposed bill could help alleviate some of those costs. Property taxes for Minnesota farmers have increased by 114% in the last 10 years. Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith said a combination of rising property values, demand for school improvements and lowered commodity prices have…