Airline Pilots Spread Holiday Cheer with Christmas Tree Flight Path Over Germany

It was picked up by flight-radar-24, which is a flight-tracking website

INTERNATIONAL — A couple of airline pilots decided to spread a little Christmas cheer while doing a test flight over Germany. It’s not Santa up in the sky, but pilots of a commercial airliner airbus testing out a new plane. What at first seemed like a routine flight, quickly turned into one of holiday magic as radar techs realized the…

Dead Mayflies Pile Up in Welch, Minnesota

The swarm only lasts about 24 hours before the insects die

WELCH, Minn. — Mayfly season has produced an unusual sight in Welch, Minnesota. Mounds of dead mayflies resembling piles of mulch littered the lock and dam on the Mississippi River. Every summer, millions of mayflies lay their eggs on the river in Minnesota and Wisconsin, creating a swarm that’s big enough to be seen on weather radar. The swarm only…