Cycling Safely on the Roads This Summer

Safety experts say for motorists, it's about not driving distracted

FARGO, N.D. — Just like the roads cyclists ride on, their safety is a two–way street. “As a bicyclist, you should be obeying the same rules and acting in the same predictable manner that motorists are in the roadways,” said Tom Smith, with the Great Northern Bicycle Company. That includes obeying stop signs, traffic lights and using your arms as…

More Wildlife on the Metro’s Roadways: Biologist Explains Why

Mild winters, city expansion and seasonal breeding are just a few of the reasons for more inner-city wildlife

MOORHEAD, Minn. —  Locals are noticing more wildlife along our roads and in our neighborhoods. “I have my cat out there with me and he’s chasing all these rabbits, squirrels, and birds,” said Scott Wieber of South Fargo. “He’s got a few and I had to take them out of his mouth.” Badgers, Canada geese and turkeys seem to be on…

Unhappy in Your Job or Looking for a Change? Come Join the Minnesota State Patrol!

Recruitment for the Minnesota State Patrol begins next week

MINNESOTA — The Minnesota State Patrol has a need for new troopers who have what it takes to keep the state safe. Nearly 600 state troopers provide assistance, education and enforcement on a daily basis to provide for safe traffic movement on Minnesota’s roadways. However, this number frequently falls short due to troopers retiring each and every year. Now, the…