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ND & Tribal Leaders Respond to Shutdown of Dakota Access Pipeline

This ruling is the first major victory for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe since protests and legal battles began over the pipeline in 2016.

WASHINGTON – Oil flowing through the Dakota Access Pipeline may come to a standstill after a federal judge ordered the pipeline to shutdown by August 5th. Oil cannot continue to flow until the Army Corps of Engineers completes an Environmental Impact Statement. Federal Judge James Boasberg ruled the Army Corps of Engineers ‘did not adequately consider the impacts of an…

State Representative Ruth Buffalo Says George Floyd Death “Opened A Lot Of Wounds”

Buffalo has reached out to city leaders, law enforcement and organizers to start having these discussions.

FARGO, N.D- State Representative Ruth Buffalo says the death of George Floyd was heartbreaking and it’s something many Native Americans in North Dakota could resonate with. “Many of our communities are struggling to survive. Who live in poverty, and who experience high rates of racial profiling. And there is the very strong, thick, lack of trust that exists across our…

ND State Rep. Ruth Buffalo Proposes Bills on Missing/Murdered Native People & Anti-Human Trafficking

Buffalo is the first Native American Democrat elected into the North Dakota legislature

FARGO, N.D. —  Ruth Buffalo never planed to get into politics. That is until her baby sister was killed by a drunk driver and she started doing some digging. “That led me down a path of researching traffic fatalities, looking at population growth and looking at the disparities within Fort Berthold Indian Reservation versus oil counties outside of the reservation…