Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton Schools Hopeful to Pass $31.4 Million Bond Referendum

It's back to the polls Tuesday for people in the Dilworth Glyndon Felton School District.

DILWORTH, Minn. – “We just served about 900 kids in here, and if you look around through here, we have one serving line, and then this whole gym, this entire gym, is full of tables.” said Principal Heidi Critchley, as she points to the dual-purpose gym that also serves as the cafeteria. Making use of every available inch of space…

Maple Valley School District Holds Voter Education Meeting on School Bond Proposal

If the bond passes, Oriska and Buffalo school buildings would be gradually shut down while an expansion is made on Tower City's school

TOWER CITY, N.D. — People living in the Maple Valley School District are learning about an upcoming school bond vote. Previous bonds have been voted down three times, most recently last September. On April 25th, voters will be asked to decide a $14.3 million school bond to shut down two schools and expand the third into a larger K-through-12 facility….