West Fargo’s Spring Stench From Lagoons Will Be Gone… In About 10 Years

The city will hook up a switchpipe to the city of Fargo at the end of the summer

WEST FARGO, N.D. — If you get just the right wind to hit your nostrils, that’s when you’ll know spring has sprung in West Fargo. “A swamp, kind of like a field of cows,” said Danell Phelps, owner of Ladybug Latte, near the lagoons. Every year, the lagoons trap gases like hydrogen sulfide under the ice. So when they get…

Fargo City Commissioners Agree To Revert To 70-30 Share On Special Assessments

The change means those paying the higher specials will see their assessment drop

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo’s special assessment structure is under fire by taxpayers and has become the number one issue leading up to the June election. City commissioners voted unanimously Monday to rescind the current cost share policy for street, water and sewer line projects. Commissioner Tony Grindberg offered the motion to revert to a 2013 policy that had taxpayers picking…

West Fargo Officials May Take Action Against the Waste Pond Stench

In a public meeting on Thursday, city officials brought up three options

WEST FARGO, N.D. — For many years, people living in West Fargo have complained about bad summertime smells. City workers are looking into possible solutions. You smell them before you see them. Bad smells coming from West Fargo’s stabilization ponds are a growing concern among citizens. City officials want to hear your thoughts on three proposed ways to reduce the…