Bison Basketball Team Honors Landon Solberg At Light It Up For Landon

"His story will continue forever and he's just indescribable. You cannot describe him with how nice he was."

    FARGO N.D. — Fans and players packed into the Scheels Center lighting up the court with their Landon’s Light Gear for Landon Solberg. His kindness and good deeds extend well beyond the valley. “I was friends with Landon and he was on my 4th grade football team and we talked a lot at basketball tournament,” Landon’s Friend Braden…

‘Your light will shine down forever’ Community Remembers Landon Solberg

Around a thousand people gathered at Scheels Arena to honor his legacy

FARGO, N.D. — Landon Solberg was a young boy, but the way he lived his life inspired many. “He lived faithfully. He lived through his friends and family. It wasn’t about Landon. He did so much — even in the darkest of days, his light still shined through with his faith. And again, I hope so many of us were…

Community Comes Together to Support Solberg Family

Steven Solberg has Crohn's Disease, his newborn daughter can't hear

FARGO, N.D. — A community puts on a free–will pancake breakfast and raffles off prizes to raise money for a Fargo family who just can’t seem to catch a break. Steven Solberg has been battling Crohn’s Disease, which causes inflammation in the digestive tract, since 2015. “He was getting treatments and they wouldn’t work and that’s when he had to go…