Bison Basketball Team Honors Landon Solberg At Light It Up For Landon

"His story will continue forever and he's just indescribable. You cannot describe him with how nice he was."



FARGO N.D. — Fans and players packed into the Scheels Center lighting up the court with their Landon’s Light Gear for Landon Solberg.

His kindness and good deeds extend well beyond the valley.

“I was friends with Landon and he was on my 4th grade football team and we talked a lot at basketball tournament,” Landon’s Friend Braden Nayes said.

Braden who got to see his friends take the game ball to the referees for Landon.

He says there was a million things to like about him.

“He was nice he was kind he was funny, he was kind to everyone he knew, he liked to make new friends,” Nayes said.

While Landon’s friends were on center court, arena dropped the lights and asked everyone to shine their own lights to show the light that Landon shined on so many lives.

“He’s a great guy. You should support him. He’s helped so many people in his life,” Nayes said.

They’re hoping to not only remember Landon but try to emulate that same kindness.

“I don’t want this community to forget him because I think that he was so important to us, I would never want to forget him. He was super nice; he wasn’t selfish he was just the kindest person,” Aly said.

The Bison men’s basketball team had a close connection to Landon.

“Landon was a bright spot for our team and I think any of them will tell you that they connected really well with him and want to live like Landon. So, he really had a special connection with our team and it’s the least we could do to honor him,” NDSU Athletics Assistant Director of Marketing Alyson Vander Steen said.

The people who were lucky to get to know Landon and the life he lived every day say they can’t forget what a unique and special kid he was.

“His story will continue forever and he’s just indescribable. You cannot describe him with how nice he was,” Nayes said.

Gate City Bank donated one dollar from every ticket sold to the Pediatric Oncology Department at the Roger Maris Cancer Center.

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