Tate Smith–Nerlien

Man accused of starting North Fargo house fire facing multiple charges

Tate Smith–Nerlien was arrested Thursday morning

FARGO, N.D. — Tribecca Corporation Supervisor Jack Wilson had an out–of–the–ordinary awakening at 2:00 Thursday morning, when his security alarm system went off. “I checked it to see a couple individuals in my trailer. I then said, ‘I’m calling the cops. They’re on their way,’ and then I called the cops.” And I guess they didn’t take my warning because…

Man Identified in Nearly Five Hour Standoff with Law Enforcement in North Fargo

After hearing a gunshot inside the 8th Avenue North home, officers and SWAT set up the perimeter

FARGO, ND — A five hour standoff in north Fargo is over and 23–year–old Tate Smith–Nerlien is in custody. It started with a domestic dispute around 3:00 this afternoon. Heavily armed law enforcement set up a perimeter including many blocks around 1007 8th Avenue North. “I came home to get my baby boy,” said Kironyen Wureh, who’s home is in the…