Man Identified in Nearly Five Hour Standoff with Law Enforcement in North Fargo

After hearing a gunshot inside the 8th Avenue North home, officers and SWAT set up the perimeter

FARGO, ND — A five hour standoff in north Fargo is over and 23–year–old Tate Smith–Nerlien is in custody.

It started with a domestic dispute around 3:00 this afternoon.

Heavily armed law enforcement set up a perimeter including many blocks around 1007 8th Avenue North.

“I came home to get my baby boy,” said Kironyen Wureh, who’s home is in the perimeter. “He’s stuck up in the apartment. I cannot get to him so I’m standing out in the street right now. Don’t know what to do. It’s scary.”

When police first arrived, they said they saw a woman jump from a window of the home.

She was treated at an emergency room for her injuries.

She told them there was a man inside who may have a warrant for his arrest.

Police say it was 23-year-old Tate Smith–Nerlien.

Officers went inside the home and saw a second woman who they took out of the house.

Soon after, officers heard a single gunshot.

This is when officers evacuated the home, called for backup and began the standoff.

Several people who live nearby were not allowed to go back inside.

“I don’t know what’s going on, I know I got a dog in the house and I’m concerned and hopefully nothing’s wrong,” said Idellia Dorley, a woman who also lives inside the perimeter. “This is my first time actually seeing this.”

Several families were evacuated.

Officers urged people living in the area to stay inside and stay safe.

“If you are in a home in that area, please stay in your basement or the safest part of your home,” said Officer Jessica Schindeldecker with the Fargo Police Department.

After preparing to send in a robot to make contact with the suspect, officers said the man came out of the home on his own.

“He voluntarily came out and SWAT is doing a secondary search right now to make sure that there’s nobody else in the residence who’s hurt or in need of aid.”

Neighbors speculate it may have been drug related, since they said there is a heavy drug presence in this part of town.

Officers tell us Smith–Nerlien is now being held in the Cass County Jail and faces numerous charges.

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