FruitFly-Two Malware Targets Mac Users

MalwareBytes researchers say the malware appears to not be stealing information, but simply to spy on unknown users

  NATIONAL — A security firm says they have discovered a new strain of malware targeting Mac users, called FruitFly Two. The malware operates in the background of Mac computers, spying on users through the computer’s camera and captures images of what’s displayed on the screen while also logging in key strokes. MalwareBytes researchers say the malware appears to not…

Fargo’s Methadone Clinic Expected to be Open in Two Weeks

Community Medical Services Will be the third opoiod treatment center in North Dakota.

FARGO, N.D. — The American Society of Addiction Medicine reported more than 20,000 deaths were¬†caused by opioid abuse nationwide in 2016. “What they usually say is I can’t do this anymore,” said Mark Schaefer, who is the Regional Manager with Community Medical Services. “I just want to die, I want this to stop, I can’t do it.” Drug addicts may…