9th Grade Students are Getting Some Hands-on Career Experience

The expo is geared at teaching students about professions they can pursue without going to a four year college

FARGO, ND — Ninth graders from around the region are getting exposed to a variety of job opportunities. For the last 15 years, the Health, Tech and Trades Career Expo has brought in thousands of students to explore the healthcare, construction, concrete, aviation and machinery industries. The students get a hands–on experience with experts. The expo is geared at teaching…

Agassiz Variety Show Creates Positive School Culture

This was the fourth year for the school's variety show

FARGO, ND — Students and staff at Agassiz School in Fargo held their fourth annual variety show. The show unites all age groups and each of the building’s four schools. Performers showed off a variety of skills and parts of their culture.  Acts included traditional cultural dances, comedy skits and singers. The variety show is designed to promote interactions among…

Laserfest Lights Up the MSUM Planetarium

Crowds enjoyed a light show and music from over five decades

MOORHEAD, Minn. — The MSUM Planetarium is rocking out under the dome for an experience like no other. Laserfest is letting people treat their senses to dazzling light effects. The show features music from over five decades with genres like pop, rock and metal with artists such as the Beatles and Led Zeppelin. Laserfest shows are open to all ages….