Water Contamination

World Water Day: The Difficulties Faced by Those in Developing Countries

World Vision Talks About World Water Day and KVRR's Morning Show's Crew Do the Water Walk Challenge

NATIONAL — Nearly 1,000 children under the age of five die each day in developing countries because of contaminated water. CheruĀ is a five year old girlĀ and lives in Kenya. In order to get water for her family, she walks a total of four miles and spends up to three hours digging to find water. “Cheru is a kindergartner and so…

Horizon Middle School Still Waiting to Find What Contaminated The Water

The city says their water is clear, if copper is to blame it came from the schools own pipes

Water at Horizon Middle School in Moorhead was tested after several students fell ill from suspected copper poisoning after drinking from a fountain. Some of the students were able to return to school this morning. Moorhead Public Service tested their water system that feeds into the school and found copper levels were normal. “We’ve never seen an incident like this…