Argentinian Man Embarks On A Journey Through The Americas

More than halfway into his journey, Martin made a stop in Fargo. Staying a little bit longer than planned.

FARGO, N.D. – It’s a journey very few get to do in their lifetime. But Martin is doing it at the age of 63. His only guide was heading north through plain areas. “On October 31, 2017 I started a rally that consisted of leaving from Bahia lapataia, Ushuaia, the end of the world in Argentina, and attempt to reach…

Property Tax Frustrations Brought to the County Budget Meeting

One man told commissioners he might move to Minnesota

FARGO, ND — People told Cass County leaders how they could be driven from their homes with the latest property tax increase. It’s their main concern while commissioners begin to finalize the 2018 budget. “It’s got me looking at moving to Moorhead because the property taxes are quite a bit lower there,” said Merrill Hinger of West Fargo. Many property owners…