New Flood Diversion Reports from Corp of Engineers

Fargo Flood Project

Good reports on the flood diversion are coming from the Corp of Engineers.

The news was brought to the Fargo Flood Diversion Board that this project could be considered a pilot project.

Multiple topics were hit, like local efforts on the in–town levees, continuing to develop design products and to refine the project to reduce impact.

The Corp wants to focus on the funding, which could possibly help by a split project private partnership.

Interim Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney said, “The government is very interested in doing different ways in which we could fund these types of projects, so we’ve talked to OMB and the corps about doing different things so that’s what they talked about. Great news is the core is considering as a pilot project and were going to proceed with that.”

The next meeting for the flood board will not be again until the new year.