National Guard Brings Anti-Bullying Campaign to Students

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The National Guard brings its anti–bullying campaign to Sheyenne High School in West Fargo.

“Helping Everyone Achieve Respect” allows students to explore inappropriate behavior and its consequences.
The National Guard stepped away from their daily routines and brought their values to the classroom.

The guard is bringing awareness to bullying at Sheyenne High School with their H.E.A.R. program.
Sgt. John Sayler says, “The presentation that we actually put on goes through different scenarios and also talks about the consequences. We talk to them about how to deal with it and how to report it.”
Throughout the presentation, sophomore students were there to tell their own experiences with bullying.
Sydney Laddusaw, a 10th grader says, “I really think this program is needed. I think it’s really important that people do understand how bad bullying can be and it really does affect people’s lives.”
“I thought it was pretty good. It really opened people’s eyes to what bullying really is and how it can be conceived,” says 10th grader Andie Asp.
After the presentation, students were asked to sign a poster like this as a reminder to respect others.
Sydney says, “The more people are informed about it and the more they’ll understand that it’s not acceptable.”
Andie adds, “I think that this could make people more courageous and willing to report it and stop it.”
The National Guard says this program comes at a time when kindness and respect among people is desired.
The students filled out surveys after the presentation and the school plans to use them to tackle bullying within the high school.