Keeping Your Car Winter Ready

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Many of us have experienced it: your car doesn’t start and you need it towed.

While some car batteries may require a simple jump start, others are frozen due to the cold weather.

Ryan Sherbrooke has been in the towing business for seven years. He enjoys helping people out of tough situations.

“I like helping the public and so I seen an opening, I took it and I loved it and I’ve been here ever since,” said Harry’s Towing General Manager Sherbrooke.

Sherbrooke says if your vehicle uses diesel and is from the south, you should to switch to a winter blend to prevent freezing.

“Run the diesel out or mix it with number one diesel putting in fuel additives,” said Sherbrooke.

Something to remember for your battery: “In these types of temperatures once your battery goes dead and it stays dead for a period of time it starts to damage the cells on the batteries,” said Sherbrooke.

Older cars should get their batteries checked although newer cars can experience freezing as well.

Some people in the area are doing what they can to keep their vehicles winter ready.

Emily Paulson is a senior at the University of Jamestown. She had an automatic car starter installed in her car.

“It’s really nice yeah, I haven’t had any issues this year so far and it’s pretty cold out there,” said Paulson.

To keep her battery in top working condition she keeps her car warm at night.

“I also put it into a heated garage at night if my parents are nice enough to let me do that,” said Paulson.

Luckily Paulson hasn’t experienced getting her car towed, and hopefully, she won’t have to, so people like Sherbrooke have an easier day.

You may also want to have a block heater installed in your car, so you can plug it in at night to keep the engine warm.