Pet Safety During The Winter

How To Keep Your Furry Friends Warm

It’s clear that the cold weather is here to stay. And oftentimes, pet owners forget that their four-legged friends feel the cold, too.

Princess is a 1.5 year-old chihuahua and she’s full-grown.

“A little over 2.5 pounds,” says her owner Aldon Horn.

Winter is a dangerous time for her and her owner has to take extra precautions to keep her warm.

“We always have a sweater or something on her or tuck her in our jackets when we go outside to keep her warm,” explains Horn.

But the cold temperatures are serious for pets of all different sizes. Kenzie Bueng works at Pets R’ Inn.  She has two labs and they also have a hard time with the weather.

“My red lab, he sits there and he just shakes because he’s so cold and he’ll sit there and bark. So I got a nice jacket that I actually got here,” Bueng says.

Veterinarians say that animals are no different than humans when it comes to the cold.

“If it’s a length of time that you wouldn’t be comfortable outside in your winter attire, then it’s probably time for your dog or cat to come inside too,” explains Alicia Wisnewski, owner of Prairie Winds Veterinary Center.

And if you break this rule, there can be serious consequences.

“We do see kiddos that end up with hypothermia and sometimes with frostbite,” Wisnewski says.

But there are several steps owners can take to prevent this. Putting sweaters on small dogs makes a big difference during these colder temperatures.

“If they’re going to be outside at least have a heated garage or a heated little shed they can go to,” Bueng says.

“Take some precautions like booties for dogs that don’t have a lot of hair on their feet,” Says Wisnewski.

As for Princess, she’ll be keeping warm inside until springtime.

The Prairie Winds Vet Center has already treated one animal with hypothermia this month.

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