Sunflower Research Forum Returns To Fargo

Fight diseases and insects

Some farmers are thinking ahead past the cold temperatures and planning for the spring.

Sunflower growers are getting advice at the 37th annual Sunflower Research Forum in Fargo.

Farmers got information on how to fight diseases and insects to make the 2015 crop profitable.

Researchers from institutions such as NDSU presented their findings on sunflower studies they conducted.

They say this year’s crop won’t disappoint.

“The scientists that are here are talking about the progress that they’re making on various diseases or issues that sunflower faces. And, I think we’re making some really good progress and overall I think farmers are going to see some really good hybrids coming out here in the next few years,” says Executive Director John Sandbakken.

The National Sunflower Association will host the second and final day of the forum tomorrow at the Ramada in Fargo.