Deals On Bison Title Game Day

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Fans in Fargo are also excited to start cheering on the Bison.

Local bars and restaurants are offering discounts and specials to customers that come out and cheer on the herd. We found out about some of your options on where to go to watch the big game.

There’s still a legion of Bison fans that didn’t make the trip down to Frisco and they need places to watch the game as well. There are plenty of places to find good deals on drinks and food in Fargo and Bison fans are ready to party.

NDSU senior Sinibaldo Romero is a Bison fan through and through and isn’t going to miss the team’s attempt at a four–peat.

“You truly never know if we’re going to win the championship but we’re certainly always supportive of the team.” he said.

He plans on coming to Würst Bar downtown to watch his favorite team while eating some of his favorite food.

He says, “They have a great variety of sausages and brats not only locally but from different places. It’s one of the few places in Fargo you can find that kind of stuff.”

For the game, the bar will be serving these delicious Bison sausages along with a side of fries for just eight bucks. It’s a buffalo cheddar sausage and you can pick any or all the toppings to go with it. It’s got delicious cheese cut up inside of it as well.

For those fans that want to get a head start Saturday, NDSU favorite “The Turf” will be open at 9 A.M. to capitalize on all that Bison Pride.

Turf Bartender Lucas Jens says, “It helps everybody it helps our numbers at the end of the day. We probably triple business on a Saturday game day compared to a normal Saturday. Puts more money in our pocket.”

You can also come to The Bowler for your shot to win season tickets for next year’s drive for the title.

The Bowler General Manager James Tandeski says, “It really wasn’t a hard answer to do. We want to support the Bison and make sure that we can get some extra customers in here to watch the Bison win.”

There will be tons of places to score on great deals and root for the green and gold.

When the game ends, the deals don’t. Fort Knox in downtown Fargo will have drinks specials all day and they’ll be giving out free chili and brats.