Fire Engine Damaged In Accident

One Firefighter Is Sent To Hospital

A car accident results in a second accident, sending one firefighter to the hospital and leaving a fire truck damaged.

Last night Fargo firefighters responded to a traffic accident on I-29 near 7th Ave. N.

Just when they finished assisting, another car struck the fire engine.

One firefighter was taken to the hospital but he was released with no serious injuries.

The truck is damaged and currently getting fixed.

But the department is still fully equipped to do its job.

“We are fortunate in that we do have a good fleet of vehicles. We always keep some of our older apparatus in reserve to use in these types of situations. So we generally have three trucks that are in reserve that we can use if we need to,” said Fargo Chief Steve Dirksen.

Officials say the driver of the car that hit the truck was uninjured.

The driver was cited for care required.