Youth Air Rifle Training

Children learn life skills through air rifle training

During the course, kids learn shooting techniques, different shooting positions and gun safety.

The children are taught under the supervision of certified instructors.

Parents were welcomed to watch as their children were taught.

Both instructors and students say that safety is the most important aspect of the course.

“They’re working on a skill in discipline and in learning discipline it also helps you in other areas of your life as well,” says Albert Frisinger, the 4-H Air Rifle Sports instructor for Cass County.

“It’s just fun to go and have fun but think about being safe during the same thing and makes you more cautious,” says Taylor Pederson, a member of the North Dakota 4-H Shooting Sports Air Rifle Team.

The focus of all 4–H programs is the growth of young adults as individuals and as responsible and productive citizens.

If you would like to donate to this experience or for questions contact Maxine J. Nordick at or call at (701) 241-5700.