Fargo School Leads National March

Almost the entire student body of Fargo’s Shanley High School are on their way to the nation’s capital to lead the National March For Life.

The students at the catholic school raised $115,000 through a major letter writing campaign.

Abortion is one of the nation’s most controversial issues, and Nickolia Kraft of Shanley High School says personal experiences make him Pro-Life.

“I’ve seen it ruin and affect a lot of people’s lives and it just holds really true to my own values and beliefs,” said Kraft.

Nickolia has attended March For Life in D.C. the past two years and, he’s excited to go back.
He isn’t the only one.

Shanley Senior Julia Johnson has been chosen to speak alongside national pro-life speakers in a rally prior to the March, she has a message.

“I want the youth of America to know life is a gift and there is a sanctity and it’s worth protecting it’s worth fighting for,” said Johnson.

Students will be traveling almost 1400 miles, they say this bus ride is an adventure in itself.

“It’s part of the pilgrimage you know getting cooped up on a bus for 24 hours, but hey, were out of school were getting to hang out with friends and we’re going to do something that’s very important to us so it’s a good time anyways.”

What’s different than any other year is that the entire school is going and chosen to lead almost 650 thousand marchers down Constitution Avenue on Thursday.

Father Charles LaCroix said, “I get to see our students and staff put their feet to their faith, what they’ve learned in the classroom or the chapel, they’re now able to live it.”

Although some may not agree on their stance to abortion, they can agree that they are passionate about their opinion.

“It’s just really eye opening to see there’s so many people behind the cause and you know you’re not alone.”

8 charter buses are full and now off to this year’s monumental pilgrimage.

If you’d like to follow Shanley students during the march you can follow them on twitter through the hashtag, #deaconslead.