Crazy For Coins

55th annual Red River Valley Coin Show

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The largest coin show between Minneapolis and Seattle is hosted right here in Fargo.

When Anthony Burke isn’t studying for a math quiz, he’s searching to add to his extensive coin collection and it’s not easy.

“Pretty hard, like me finding a buffalo nickel in a roll, it took me like two years just to find it,” said Burke.

People of all ages attend these large Coin Shows not only to buy but to enjoy the history behind the coins.

Josh Astrup said,” A lot of it’s just the uniqueness of quite a few of them, just daily basis you see a lot of coins but you don’t get to see a lot of the older ones and collectible.”

Collecting coins just for fun changed into a profession for one dealer.

Coin & Currency Specialist Rick Stelzer said, “Found out I was making more money on the side selling coins than I was working full time at the city, and left in 1974 and been doing it full time ever since .”

You might want to look twice at the nickel you put into the vending machine, because it could cost a lot more than five cents.

“I sold a 1916, doubled eye buffalo nickel for $82,000 for one nickel,” said Stelzer.

Anthony could find himself following in the footsteps of dealers like Rick Stelzer, because he loves the search.

“It’s like a difficult treasure hunt, you just have to be patient and hope for the best,” said Burke.

As the saying goes, find a penny pick it up all the day you’ll have good luck. Well if you find a rare one, you’ll have a lot more than luck.

More than 50 venders from six states attended this year’s show.