Universities Working To Prevent Sexual Assault

MSUM, NDSU & Concordia Offer On-Campus Resources

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Recent sexual assaults have rocked college campuses around the area. Parents and students are looking for ways to prevent future incidences.

Two college girls. Two different campuses with recent alleged sexual assaults. But Emily and Shayna are not worried.

NDSU student Emily Neuhardt says, “I’ve never had a problem. I’ve never run into anybody.”

MSUM student Shayna Rodeman says, “I feel safe on-campus.”

They find comfort in knowing there are places and people to go to if they need it.

Neuhardt says, “There are different counseling agencies on-campus that they make the student body aware of.”

Rodeman says, “The things they have set on-campus regarding sexual assault and stuff are all very clear.”

MSUM, NDSU and Concordia email or text message students to alert them when an incidence occurs.

Neuhardt adds, “We usually get an email saying what happened making sure we feel safe on-campus.”

Rodeman adds, “I know there was a email sent to everyone on-campus.”

MSUM offers Sexual Assault Services that helps a victim through the process

MSUM Sexual Assault Services Coordinator Lynn Peterson says, “Our students are aware that my job is located on-campus and so they have a place to come and place to talk.”

It’s not just a victim who is affected by sexual assault.

Peterson adds, “I see students both victims, survivors and secondary. A secondary person might be boyfriend, girlfriend, friend of someone who has been sexually assaulted. It could be someone who was assaulted as a kid and all of a sudden they’re at MSUM and they’re talking about it in a sociology class and all these old feelings are coming back.”

Besides the resources that are readily available on college campus, if you find that you are a sexual assault victim, the Rape – Abuse Crisis Center in the Fargo Moorhead area is there to help.

Rape & Abuse Crisis Center Executive Director Christopher Johnson says, “Every person in our community across the world is entitled to safety. Everyone is entitled to living a healthy safe life and so it’s all of our responsibilities to make sure we’re creating a community that’s safe.”

If public safety isn’t enough, these girls carry a little something for assurance.

Neuhardt remarks, “I mean I do carry pepper spray on me as a last resort.”

Rodeman remarks, “I used to have a rape whistle. They handed them out.”

MSUM President Anne Blackhurst has commissioned a task force of students and faculty who meet throughout the year to address sexual violence on–campus.